09:0043 5614-34 Telemetry check, LM Control.

09:0167 493-348 Affirmative, Hargen 6, telemetry check incoming, all lights green.

09:2309 1-9872 LM Control, 2-second burn for re-entry alignment.

09:4401 09-222 Affirmative, 2-second burn is a go. And alignment is green as well.

10:0000 99-128 Uh, LM Control is that you sending the repeating signal?

10:0034 9167-3 Say again, Hargen 6?

10:0066 45-232 It repeats every 15 seconds. If it’s not you, can you triangulate for us? Wait, I’m reading an object at…7 o’clock.

10:1281 000-23 Likely sun glare on debris, Hargen, please prepare for re-entry protocol.

10:5173 01-298 Negative, negative, it’s matching our speed. What is that signal? LM Control can someone there please try and decode this. The object is…approaching. My god.

[end transmission]