Earlier this week we had the good fortune to open for Burn Thee Insects and Nine Layers Deep at the venerable Mohawk Place. We’d all played Mohawk in various other bands over the years, but never before had we taken that stage all together. The crowd was amazing and supportive and seemed to be really into what we were doing. We absolutely can’t wait to go back and play Mohawk again. Hopefully we’ll return before the end of summer.
Burn Thee Insects blew our minds. They have this killer blend of deep, doomy riffs but really clear hooks and vocal melodies, and their singer has this Kurt Cobain/Layne Staley soaring growl thing going on. We hope they come back to Buffalo soon, there’s no one else around like them (and they even slept on Ed’s living room floor that night — life in a touring band ain’t easy).
Do we even need to tell you how great Nine Layers Deep is? Singer/guitarist Alaysa Dale cranks out the most crushing doom while singing, and then she uncorks a raw banshee scream and you’re just like, what the fuck just happened, why is my face on the floor?! And you don;t even notice that they don’t have a bass player, which is pretty wild. Anyway, we are psyched beyond reason to play a show with them again.
(photo by Joe Grabianowski)